coloured variety

For the best possible colour design of the railing infill panels, the FRAMEWORKX product line uses two different colouring processes. In our XT3 product line, the mesh connection disappears inside the frame. Therefore, the frame can be painted together with the net. In this case we have chosen powder coating.

Especially in case of dynamic movements vibrations or oscillations caused by wind, powder coating has many advantages over wet painting. It also performed much better in weathering tests. For XT1 and XT2 the meshes are painted separately from the frames. This is necessary because the paint could flake off at the contact points of the wrapped cables between the frame and the mesh. In this process, the cables are coated with a layer of colour from one of our standard colours red RAL3002, white RAL9100, black RAL9005 or gold in a special coating process. 

Other colours are also possible on request. You as a customer then have the choice between blank or blackened mesh terminals to be able to set even more detailed accents. The frames of XT1 and XT2 are either left in the 240 grain ground surface or powder coated separately from the nets. All colours of the RAL palette or other colour palettes are possible. Likewise, the different surface structures can be combined with different gloss levels.

NEW in the FRAMEWORKX colour range: metallic gloss for your coloured project

Special powder coatings, which are applied directly to the ground stainless steel surface without primer, allow you to combine colour with a metallic sheen. The 240 grit shines through the light colour pigmentation.

Depending on the incidence of light and the viewing angle, this results in faint colour gradients. Even a mitre cut is visible in rectangular profile cross-sections.

  • Metallic shine without having to forego colour
  • 240 grit stainless steel look
  • Mitre cut visible on rectangular profile cross-sections
  • Large selection of colours
  XT1 XT2 XT3
Frame blank in stainless steel look –
ground grain 240 with mesh in stainless steel look
x x x
Frame blank in stainless steel look –
ground grain 240 only mesh after selection X-TEND Colours
x x x
Frame powder-coated in all RAL colours
and mesh according to choice X-TEND Colours
x* x* x
Frame and mesh powder-coated in all RAL colours     x

*sheathed assembly cable necessary in order not to damage the colour coating of the frame during assembly. Sheathed assembly ropes in colour on request

One Colour – many possibilities

Due to the powder coating of the frame and mesh, different surface structures and gloss levels are also possible. A distinction can be made between smooth, fine structure, structure and glossy, silk matt and matt and combined as desired.

In addition, the frame can also be coloured separately from the mesh, as with XT1 and XT2.

Colour Examples

Black RAL 9005
White RAL 9005
Grey DB703
Sepia-brown RAL 8014
Neon-green (verschiedene Neonfarben)
Gold transparent
Copper transparent
Black transparent / fume
Blue transparent
Red transparent