cosy atmosphere in a private home

FRAMEWORKX XT4 – cosy atmosphere in a private home

​As an alternative to glass panelling, the client opted for our wooden frames for this project. The solid oak frames with an oiled surface perfectly match the reworked staircase, which had been given new oak treads as part of the renovation of the house. For this project, the X-TEND rope net colour was coordinated with the black supporting structure of the staircase.

An air-permeable balustrade infill that is safe to climb over can offer many advantages, especially in the private sector. The wood radiates a very special warmth in contrast to a glass infill, fingerprints are not visible on the frame and mesh infill – the XT4 frames are generally very easy to clean.

Project private home, Jebenhausen, Deutschland
Application Railing infill
Products Frameworkx XT4
◊ 40 mm, ø 2 mm
Photography Carl Stahl ARC

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