FRAMEWORKX XT3 – safe environment at educational institutions

The Jakob-Muth-Campus extends over two floors and has a generous total area of around 7,700 square metres. 

XT3 frames were installed on the windows of the campus to secure the windows. FRAMEWORKX XT3 are pre-welded frames made of stainless steel slotted profiles, in which our X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh is mounted on the inside. As no frame brackets are required, the frames are easily attached using screws. This makes installation easier and saves time and money. They are an innovative solution for securing windows and offer maximum protection and reliability. They are also versatile and can be fitted to different window types and sizes. They are not only extremely effective, but also aesthetically pleasing to complement the architecture of the building.

The window locks have been selected and installed to ensure the security of the entire facility. The XT3 frames have a mesh width of 40 mm and a cable diameter of 1.5 mm, which makes them extremely robust. This not only guarantees the protection of the windows, but also helps to create a safe learning and supervision environment for the different age groups of pupils.

Project Jakob-Muth-Campus, Nuremberg, Germany
Application Window safety
Products Frameworkx XT3
◊ 40 mm, ø 1,5 mm
Photography Baldauf & Baldauf

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