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FRAMEWORKX XT1 – Juliet Balconies

“The View 52°” in Berlin is located directly on the banks of the River Dahme in Berlin-Grünau, a district of Berlin-Köpenick. The neighbourhood is characterised by diverse architecture and has a 6,000 m² water basin as well as lovingly designed green oases. A neighbourhood meeting point on the neighbourhood square with a café and a daycare centre directly in the neighbourhood offer ideal opportunities for social interaction and community life. There is plenty of green space for local recreation in the surrounding area, as well as other daycare centres in the neighbourhood and several schools in the vicinity, providing an ideal infrastructure for families.

FRAMEWORKX XT1 was used to secure the windows of the residential buildings. The customised round tube frames, which were provided by the on-site locksmith, are covered with X-TEND mesh, mesh size 40 and a cable diameter of 1.5 mm. The mesh size was deliberately chosen as it is considered to be climb-proof and therefore guarantees maximum safety. Our services included the net planning and the tensioning of the frames provided by the customer at our production plant in Süßen. A total of 70 frames were installed, with the net planning being carried out by our technical office. With our customised solution, we offer not only security, but also aesthetics and functionality for every room.

Project The View 52°, Berlin, Germany
Application window safety
Photography Baldauf & Baldauf

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