with integrated special parts

FRAMEWORKX XT3 – with integrated special parts

Due to the modern manufacturing processes, it is possible to cut out every conceivable shape from the profiles of the FRAMEWORKX XT3 frames. In this project, therefore, not only the net slots but also the recesses for a lock case and cable guides for the electric door buzzer were prepared. Due to the flexibility of the net, it is no problem to avoid possible collision points and to bypass them. Since the positions of the welded components such as the door hinges and retaining lugs are already defined in the design phase, measuring and marking out the positions is completely unnecessary when assembling the door. This means that only plugging and welding has to be done in the workshop.

In order to take as little time as possible during assembly, the doors were completely pre-assembled in the factory. The plug-and-screw construction creates a plug-and-play solution where the system only has to be placed on prepared foundations and aligned. The mounting plates and the connecting tube disappear underground and are no longer visible.

Project Gate, Berlin, Germany
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Products Frameworkx XT3
◊ 40 mm, ø 1,5 mm
Photography Carl Stahl ARC

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